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Meditation Information Network
The TM Techniques
Negative and Inconclusive Research on the TM Program
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Meditation Checking and Initiation
301 Moved Permanently
Tradmarks and Service Marks
Organization names used by the TM movement
Inaugural Announcement of TM Dissenter's Archive
Checking Notes (Points 1 through 9)
Checking Notes (Points 10 through 22)
Checking Notes (Points 23 through 30)
Checking Notes (General Points)
Steps of Initiation
Meditation Information Network
Audio/ 6 pages
MINet Audio
Enlightenment Radio Program 79-1
Enlightenment Radio Program 79-2
Enlightenment Radio Program 79-3
TM Introductory Lecture - Partial Transcript
MINet Audio
Documents/ 1 pages
MINET - Other Documents
TM-EX/ 5 pages
TM-EX Newsletter Archive
TM-EX Newsletter Archive
TM-EX Newsletter, Fall 1993
TM-EX Newsletter, Spring 1994
TM-EX Newsletter, Summer 1994